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Optimal site selection for temporary housing after an earthquake in urban areas using multiple criteria decision making methods and GIS (a case study of municipal district 6, Tehran metropolis) – JBES

Geographic Information System,,Faramarz Hadavi, Mehdi Zamani, Mostafa movasati, Kamal koohgard and Mohammadreza Hadavi

Geography and Urban Planning, Payame-Noor University of Tehran. Iran

Geomorphology, Tehran Azad University, Science and Research Branch. Iran

Department of Urban Planning, Art University of Isfahan, Iran

Department of Geography and Urban Planning, Azad University of Science and Research of Tehran, Iran

Expert of Zanjan Governor, Zanjan, Iran

Key words: Temporary housing, Earthquake, Geographic Information System, Municipal District No.6 of Tehran metropolis.


Choosing an appropriate site for temporary housing of the population affected by natural disasters has always been among the issues that have been brought to the attention of organization and authorities responsible for crisis management. Continue reading