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Identifying methods for rapid and uniform germination and storage conditions for seeds of kithul (Caryota urens L.) | IJAAR

IJAAR, Caryota urens 30,5,2019By: Gamini Hitinayake

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This experiment was conducted to identify methods to get rapid and uniform germination and packaging material for storing Kithul seeds. The study was conducted at the University seed testing laboratory, Dodangolla, Kundasale. Pericarp removed seeds were subjected to nine treatments: removal of portion of endosperm (t2), rubbing of seed coat using a sand paper (t3), hot water treatment 80oC for 5 seconds (t4), for 30 seconds (t5), oven heating at 60oC for 10 seconds (t6), for 2 minutes (t7), for 5 minutes (t8), concentrated sulfuric acid for 10 seconds (t9), 0.5M sulfuric acid for 10 seconds (t10) and untreated seeds (t1). Continue reading