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Restoration of soil fertility by using organic and mineral amendments: the case of the urban perimeter of Franceville (Gabon) – IJAAR

A. cruentus,Maurice Ognalaga, Pherla Ichida Oyanadigui Odjogui, Alain Ondo Azi, Jacques Ndzoutsi

Agrobiology Research Unit, University of Sciences and Technology, Franceville, Gabon

Key words: A. cruentus, Growth parameters, C. odorata, Cattle manure, Pig manure.


A study on the response of Amaranthus cruentus seedlings to four amendments was carried out at the urban perimeter of the “Institut Gabonais d’Appui au Dévelopment” in Franceville. The applied doses were 300 kg/ha for NPK, 60 t/ha for Continue reading