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Isolation and identification of klebsiella pneumonia causal-agent of pneumoniae from urine of childrens in hospitals of Quetta city | JBES

JBES, Klebsiella 31,03,2019By: Muhammd Kamran Taj


The pneumoniae is worldwide leading factor which cause mortality in children however, in under developing countries the burden of klebsiella pneumoniae is greater in under 5 year age children. Therefore proper and continuously surveillance and appropriate screening tests is necessary for the detection. The samples were collected from children up to 5 years of age affected with pneumoniae and showing main symptoms of pneumoniae. Continue reading

Effect of intercroping maize and soybean on soil fertility – IJAAR

IJAAR, maize and soybea 31,03,2019By: Habineza M. Jean Pierre


This study was carried out to determine the effect of intercropping Maize with Soybean on soil fertility. The study was conducted at two sites and evaluated three Soybean varieties (hybrid SB19, GAZELLE – a local variety, hybrid TGX1990-5F) as sole crop and intercropped with maize, with maize pure stand as control. In the intercropped plots, one row of Soybean was planted after every alternate row of maize. Continue reading

Growth and yield response of cotton varieties under different methods of fertilizer application | JBES

JBES Cotton 28,03,2019By: Ghulam Ali Bugti


The cotton crop field experiment was conducted during khraif season 2012 in Soil Chemistry Section, at Agriculture Research Institute, Tandojam Sindh Pakistan. Objective of this study to evaluate the two cotton varieties (CRIS- 234 and NIAB-78) were checked for the best performance against two fertilizer application methods (broadcasting method and strip method) in a three replicated randomized complete block design having net plot size of 424m2. Continue reading

Medicinal plants of Côte d’Ivoire and viral infections: Diagnosis of Begomovirus | IJAAR

IJAAR Medicinal plants 28,03,2019By: J. A. N’cho


diseases pose a real threat to their culture and development. It is useful to determine the health status of medicinal plants in Côte d’Ivoire. Surveys and collection of samples were made at sites identified in Abidjan, Alépé and Yamoussoukro. The symptoms observed were mentioned. Herbal hosts of Begomovirus, incidence and severity of these symptoms have been identified. Continue reading

The integrated pest management farmer field school and its impact on arthropods diversity of rice fields | JBES

JBES Rice fields. 24,03,2019By: Samharinto Soedijo


The purpose of theresearch on the impact of the Integrated Pest Management Farmer Field School (IPM-FFS) on arthropod diversity of rice fields in the South Kalimantan Province was to assess changes in arthropodbiodiversity due to differences in cultivation technique to grow ricemade by IPM-FFS and nonIPM-FFS alumni. The methods used in this research consisted of interviewthe IPM-FFS and the non IPM-FFS alumni using purposive sampling technique and collectingarthropodsfrom rice fields owned by FFS alumni and non-alumniin two locations: Continue reading