Performance of five Faba bean varieties under different irrigation intervals and sowing dates in newly reclaimed soil – IJAAR

Faba bean,By: Ekram Ali Megawer


In order to study the effect of irrigation and sowing date on plant characteristics, chemical and yield traits of five faba bean cultivars, an experiment was conducted in two growing seasons in the farm of the Faculty of Agriculture, Demo, Fayoum University, Egypt. Using split-split plot in RCBD with three replications. Irrigation intervals (I) was considered as the main plot in the three intervals (irrigation every 20, 30 and 40 days). Three sowing dates (22ndOct., 7thand 22ndNov.) were arranged in the sub plot. The sub-sub plots were varieties (Nubaria1, Nubaria2, Giza3 improved, Sakha1 and Sakha2). Results indicated that the effect of irrigation every 20 days (I1) surpassed the others two where it produced higher values of plant height (87.34cm), seed yield (1.81ton/feddan) and carbohydrate % (46.73%). Faba beanThe early sowing date (22nd October) produced the highest values of all yield attributes and carbohydrate percentage with the exception of harvest index and protein percentage in combined analysis. Giza3 improved achieved the superiority only on plant height trait, while Nubaria2 achieved the superiority on number of pods/plant and height to first pod. While, Nubaria1 variety presented the first class in number of branches, pods and seeds weight/plant, 100-seed yield, seed and straw yield and carbohydrate %. The highest values of pods and seeds weight/plant were 57.04 and 45.32gm, as well as 100-seed weight (gm) and seed yield (ton/fed.) were 118.37 (gm) and 2.04 (ton/fed.) respectively, were obtained by irrigation every 30 days with early sowing with Nubaria1 variety.

Author Information:

Ekram Ali Megawer, Ahmed Mohamed AliEL-Sherif, Mohamed Sarhan Mohamed

Department of Agronomy, Fayoum University, Egypt

Key Words: Faba bean, Varieties, Irrigation intervals, Sowing dates, Yield and yield components

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Journal Name: International Journal of Agronomy and Agricultural Research (IJAAR)

Published By: International Network for Natural Sciences

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