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Cyclomorphosis of fresh water rotifers from wetlands of contrasting ecological feature – seasonal analysis – JBES

WetlandBy: Subhasri Middya


Cyclomorphosis, an interesting biological phenomenon involves the alteration of different of morphs in time. Various eco-biological parameters including temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, alkalinity, turbidity and nutrients (total phosphate phosphorus and total nitrogen) along with meteorological changes may have a role in inducing this survival strategy of phylum Rotifera. Continue reading

Estimation of heterosis and combining ability in tomato for fruit shelf life and yield component traits using line x tester method – IJAAR

tomato,,By: Sujeet Kumar


Studies on tomato post-harvest losses are the main concern for its production, hence a study was conducted to evaluate 10 hybrids along with two checks for fruit shelf life and yield components. For improvement of shelf life of commercial varieties, Continue reading

Assessment of Variance Indices of Araneid Fauna Grasped from Sugarcane Field by different trapping Methods at Faisalabad, Pakistan – JBES

sugarcane,By: Syed Mohsin Bukhari


Spiders play integral ecological favor for regulating integrated pest management population. Despites, there is restricted research data on the species richness, evenness and relative abundance in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Continue reading

Agronomic performance and farmers perception on zinc enriched rice BRRI dhan62 – IJAAR

Zinc enriched rice,By: MJ Rahman


Newly developed zinc enriched rice variety BRRI dhan62 was evaluated along with three other short maturing Transplanted Aman (wet season) rice varieties namely BINA dhan7, BRRI dhan33 and BRRI dhan56 at six different locations of Bangladesh during 2014. Continue reading

Quality Analysis of Potable Water at Dakshin Khan in Dhaka City, Bangladesh – JBES

Potable WaterBy: Mohammad Mahbub Kabir


The aim of this study was to assess the physiochemical and microbiological quality of DWASA supplied drinking water in Dakshin khan area, Dhaka, Bangladesh. A total of twenty one water samples in three groups were collected from DWASA water supply pumps, house taps and tube wells. The physiochemical properties i.e. Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Total Dissolved Solids, Turbidity, Electrical Conductivity, were studied by to evaluate the quality of drinking water. Continue reading