The effect of plant density on quantitative characteristics, optical extinction coefficient, and some physiological traits of faba bean cultivars – JBES

Faba beanNazli. Derogar, Mani. Mojaddam

Department of Agronomy,college of Agriculture, Ahwaz branch, Islamic Azad University, Ahwaz, Iran

Key words: Faba bean, grain yield, optical extinction coefficient, density, harvest index, varieties.


In order to investigate the effect of density on Quantitative Characteristics, Optical Extinction Coefficient, and Some Physiological Traits of Faba Bean Cultivars, field experiment was carried out in the city of Ahwaz field healthy martyr in a factorial randomized complete block design with four replications in crop year of 2011-2012. These factors include density at three levels (8, 12, 16 plants per square meter) and three varieties (Barekat, Saraziri, local varieties dezful), respectively. The results showed that the density of 12 p/m2 was significantly increased grain yield and yield components and Barekat variety it had the highest degree of yield grain and yield components compared with others varieties. Fiori-favaHigh yield of Barekat cultivar is due to more accumulation of dry matter and greater number of pods and grains per pod in this cultivar rather than other cultivars.The highest biological yield belonged to Barekat cultivar which is due to higher leaf area index of this cultivar.The results showed that optical extinction coefficient was significantly affected by density and cultivar. As plant density increased from 8 to 16 plants per square meter, optical extinction coefficient decreased and its highest and lowest rate respectively belonged to Local and Barekat cultivars. The harvest index was also affected by plant density and cultivar and the highest harvest index was obtained in treatment with density of 12 plants per square meter and Barekat cultivar. The highest leaf area index belonged to Barekat cultivar and density of 16 plants per square.

jbes-vol5no1-p267-274Get the original articles in Source: Volume 5, Number 1, July 2014 – JBES

Journal Name: Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences (JBES)

Published By: International Network for Natural Sciences

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