The flora of Sarigol National Park, Northern Khorassan Province, Iran – JBES

National Park,Nargessadat Rahchamani, Atefeh Ezazi, Farrokh Ghahremaninejad

Department of Plant Biology, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Kharazmi University, 43 Dr. Mofatteh Avenue,15719-14911 Tehran, Iran

Key words: Floristic, diversity, Iran, Northern Khorassan, National Park.


Sarigol National Park is located at Northern Khorassan province, at NW Esfarayen between 36˚ 55΄– 37˚ 02΄N, 57˚ 41΄– 57˚ 47΄E. The vascular flora of this park was investigated in the years 2008–2009. A total of 975 plant specimens were collected and 498 taxa (species, subspecies and variety), belonging to 291 genera and 70 families were identified. The life form rates of the taxa were as follows: Therophyte (34.9%), Hemicryptophyte (33.9%), Geophyte (13.3%), Chamaephyte (10.5%) and Phanerophyte (7.4%) respectively. National ParkThe phytogeographical affinities of the species were as follows: Irano-Turanian (60.8%), Irano-Turanian, Euro-Siberian & Mediterranian (10.3%), Irano-Turanian & Mediterranian (8.7%), Irano-Turanian & Euro-Siberian (5.6%), Irano-Turanian & Sahara-Sindian (2.5%), Pluriregional (6.7%) and Cosmopolite (2.9%). Of these, 26 taxa (5.2%) are endemic to Iran and 37 taxa (7/4%) are in the international IUCN list. Finally, the results of this research compared with other studies carried out near the study area.

jbes-vol4no6-p278-307Get the original articles in Source: Volume 4, Number 6, June 2014 – JBES

Journal Name: Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences (JBES)

Published By: International Network for Natural Sciences

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