Effect of fly ash on growth and yield of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) – IJAAR

sunflowersNirmal Kumar Pani, Priyadarshani Samal, Ritarani Das, Santilata Sahoo

Biochemsitry and Molecular Biology Laboratory, P.G Department of Botany, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

Key words: FA= Fly ash, FAA=Fly Ash Amendment, DAS=Days After Sowing.


Fly ash, the notorious waste product of coal based thermal power plants, rich in micro and macronutrients and has the potential to improve the physical and chemical properties of soil. With this concept, a field experiment was carried out to find out the efficacy of the fly ash for agriculture. Fly ash from NALCO CPP, Angul, Odisha was used for amending soil at levels equivalent to 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% in which sunflower was grown. The growth parameters of the plants and seeds were enumerated. Sunflowers_Fly ash amendments caused significant improvement in soil quality and germination percentage of sunflower seeds. Growth of plant, seed yield and oil content of seed increased with 25% FA amendment. Basing on the data obtained it was observed that soil amended with 10 metric tons (25%) FA ha -1 not only improved the physical properties of soil but also contributed to better yield of seed and oil content in sunflower. Fly ash addition to soil in 25% doses improves various physical, chemical and biological properties of soil and thereby is also beneficial for sunflower plant growth with increased seed yield. Soil amended with 25% fly ash increased the main unsaturated fatty acid (Linoleic acid) in oil of the seed. Hence it concludes that though fly ash is a waste of concern but now has become a boon for sustainable agriculture.

ijaar-v7no2-p64-74Get the original articles in Source: Volume 7, Number 2, August 2015 – IJAAR

Journal Name: International Journal of Agronomy and Agricultural Research (IJAAR)

Published By: International Network for Natural Sciences

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