Agro-climatic zonation for dry farming wheat in Zanjan Province, Iran – IJAAR

dry-faming-wheatAli Hanafi, Fakhreddin Iranpour, Mohsen Soltani

Department of Geography, Faculty of Basic Sciences, University of Imam Ali, Tehran, Iran

Department of Physical Geography, Faculty of Geography, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

Department of Physical Geography, Faculty of Geography, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

Key words: Agro-Climatology Interpolation, Climatic Potentials, Dry-Faming Wheat, GIS, Zanjan Province.


Climate knowledge and investigating in climatologic requirements of plants is considered as a most salient factor in cultivation. It can be determined the climatic potential conditions in the various regions and utilize them to a large extent by investigating in agro-meteorology. In this research, it has been applied the Geographic Information System to generate the climatic potential maps for Zanjan Province. To this purpose, the 30-year statistical records of climatology and synoptic stations have been used in the province of Zanjan. cr121102_wheatIt was determined the date of cultivation for each section of the province after obtaining the beginning date of autumn precipitations for each part of the province. In the next step, the rainfall element was used for producing the isohyets climatic maps of annual rainfall, rainfall in the germination, blossoming, and ripe periods. The isotherm climatic maps of germination’s suitable temperature, thermal tensions during the blossoming, ripe periods were provided for the whole province. In the long run, the climatic potential regionalization map of dry-farming wheat was produced through overlying the relevant maps by GIS. The outputs showed the major suitable regions for dry-farming of wheat are in the South and Central areas of the province. In contrast, the regions located in the North of the province – upland and sharp steep regions of Alburz mountain chain – hold ordinary and feeble conditions in the light of wheat cultivation.

ijaar-v6no4-p197-206Get the original articles in Source: Volume 6, Number 4, April 2015 – IJAAR

Journal Name: International Journal of Agronomy and Agricultural Research (IJAAR)

Published By: International Network for Natural Sciences

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