Effects of various environmental conditions on morphology, genetics and some physiological factors of 8 population of red algae pertaining to Southern Coastlines of Iran – JBES

627255984_023def6742_zDawood Mirzabagheri, Somayeh Derijani, Behrooz Asadabadi, Shokoofeh Hajihashemi, Dara Mirzabagher, Jelveh Sohrabipour

Islamic Azad University, Bam Branch, Bam, Iran

Islamic Azad University, Jiroft Branch, Jiroft, Iran

Faculty of Science, Biology Group, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

Department of Marine Biology, Faculty of Science , University of Hormozgan, Bandar Abbas, Iran

Natural Resources center of Hormozgan Province, Bandar Abbas, Iran

Key words: Environmental conditions, Gracilaria, Iran, red algae.


In this research which is performed during 2012 and 2013 , 8 population of red algae which were regarded as 8 suspected , and separated species were compared in 3 replications from the viewpoint of habitat , apparent form , DNA sequence in region of CholoroplasticrbcL, Protein amount , dry weight , chlorophyll and cartenoide amount . The derived data appointed these 8 populations pertaining to Gracilariacorticataand Gracilariaarcuataspecies, coralreefs_wallpapers_41because of nondifference in DNA sequence and protein amount, despite they were influenced by environmental conditions and they indicated meaningful changes from the viewpoint of chlorophyll and cartenoide amounts and in some cases dry weight, as well as their morphology indicated some changes in various ecologic conditions.

jbes-vol4no4-p93-105Get the original articles in Source: Volume 4, Number 4, April 2014 – JBES

Journal Name: Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences (JBES)

Published By: International Network for Natural Sciences

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