Population structure and natural regeneration of Allanblackia floribunda oliv. (Clusiaceae) in a forest concession of East Cameroon – JBES

03ecea13f3ced0ba08eb15d9f1789e00Jean Louis Fobane, Elvis Nsoh Ndam, Marie Mbolo

Department of Biology, Higher Teachers’ Training College, University of Yaoundé I, P.O. Box 47 Yaoundé, Cameroon

Department of Plant Biology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Yaoundé I, P.O.Box 821 Yaoundé, Cameroon

Ministry of forestry and wildlife, MINFOF, 34430 Yaoundé, Cameroon

Key words: A. floribunda, defoliation, flowering, fructification, natural regeneration.


Allanblackia floribunda Oliv. a plant known for its nutritional, economic, industrial and therapeutic qualities is less studied in research centres. Apart from primary studies already carried out, the population structure and natural regeneration arouse much questioning. The follow up of species into FMU 10 044 and on the farmland was realized with the aim of bringing out an in-depth knowledge on the diameter structure, phenology of defoliation, flowering and fructification as well as the dissemination of the diasporas. rose_birthday_girl_resizedThis study was carried out in a natural forest and cultivated area revealed that A. floribunda is an evergreen species, its foliage is always present independent of the climatic seasons; the size of fruits does not restrain the species to barochory; other chorology types such as zoochory and anthropochory were observed; blossom and fructification take place once a year; flower and fruit outgrowth is different at the level of the branches, trees and population; the distribution of trees by diameter classes revealed that the species regenerates easily under the wood but the follow up of the individuals is weak.

jbes-vol4no2-p403-410Get the original articles in Source: Volume 4, Number 2, February 2014 – JBES

Journal By: Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences (JBES)

Published By: International Network for Natural Sciences

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