Physicochemical properties and digestibility of starch from bulbils of two cultivars of Dioscorea bulbifera during the growth – IJAAR

dioscoreabulbiferabulbifera38Libra Michel Archange, Dabonné Soumaila, Binaté Siaka, Gonnety Jean Tia, Kouame, Lucien Patrice

Laboratory of Biochemistry and Food Science and Technology, University of Abobo-Adjamé, 02 BP 801 Abidjan 02, Côte D’Ivoire

Key words: Food Safty, crops, bubils, starch, storage, Dioscorea bulbifera.


Starches from bulbils old from to 3 to 6 months of two cultivars of Dioscorea bulbifera were extracted and characterized in order to establish physicochemical changes during bulbils development. The results showed that sharp of starch granules was regular and ovo-triangular; the particles size analysis revealed an increasing of granules size with a unimodal distribution; granules size varied between (30 μm – 47.70 μm) for mauve cultivar and between (7.31 μm – 56.38 μm) for yellow cultivar. dioscorea_bulbifera_etoensm_4659_577_e4364dThe chemical analysis of both cultivars showed that the starches contained low levels of lipids and ash; the protein content was nil. The functional properties such as swelling capacity and solubility increased when starches were heated in presence of water over 65°C for mauve cultivar and 70°C for yellow cultivar. Gelatinized starches from less developed bulbils were more digestible by α-amylase.

ijaar-v2no12-p34-42Get the original articles in Source: Volume 2, Number 12, December 2012 – IJAAR

Journal Name: International Journal of Agronomy and Agricultural Research (IJAAR)

Published By: International Network for Natural Sciences

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