Circulating adiponectin in obese and non-obese men and its relation with insulin resistance in obese subjects

KhorshidiDavood, GhanbariShahpour, SamarikhalajHamidreza, KianiFatemeh

Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Saveh Branch, Islamic Azad University, Saveh, Iran

Key words:Adiponectin, insulin resistance, obesity, exercise.


Decreased adiponectin, an adipose tissue-derived hormone, is associated with obesity and inflammatory diseases. In this study, we aimed 1) to compare serum adiponectin between obese and non-obese men, 2) to determine its relation with insulin resistance in obese subjects. For this purpose, basal concentrations of adiponectin, insulin and glucose were measured after an overnight fast in fifteen non-trained obese or non-obese men matched for age (32 – 39 years). Independent sample T-test was used to compare variables between two groups and Pearson’s correlation coefficient was used to relation between adiponectin and insulin resistance in obese subjects. Based on statistical data, serum adiponectin levels were significantly lower in obese subjects in comparison to non-obese group (p = 0.011). But we did not significant correlation between serum adiponectin with insulin resistance in obese subjects (p = 0.329, r = 0.13). In conclusion, these findings support lower adiponectin in obesity, but it appear to each independently affect glucose.

Get the original articles in Source: Volume 4, Number 1, January 2014 – JBES

Published By: Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences (JBES)

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