Evaluation of genetic diversity in weed dodder (Cuscutaepithymum L) on Northern of Iran by RAPD molecular marker

tumblr_nobvfhjdg21tc0uc3o1_500Amin Sadeghi Alikelayeh, Seyed Kamal Kazemitabar, Baratali Fakheri, Leila Fahmideh

Biotechnology, Zabol University, Iran

Plant Breeding and Biotechnology, Sari Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources University (SANRU), Iran

Plant Breeding and Biotechnology, Zabol University, Iran

Key words: Genetic diversity, weed dodder (Cuscutaepithymum L), RAPD.


Weed dodder (Cuscutaepithymum L) is a parasitic vine that attacks the aerial parts of many shrubs, trees, and is used widely in medicine. In this study for first time in Iran, the randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) technique was employed for determine genetic diversity of 20 genotype of weed dodder from Golestan and Mazandaran provinces. Thirteen oligo nucleotide primers were used to amplify the genomic DNA isolated from the dried stems. 169734016_12690cb20b13 RAPD primers amplified 195 bands that 95% bands were polymorphism. Average polymorphism information content (PIC) and average marker index (MI) value was 0.27 and 24.7 for RAPD markers respectively. Cluster analysis based on DICE coefficient and UPGMA algorithm showed that there is wide variation in samples collected. The average of similarity based on RAPD markers was 0.45. This high level of diversity could be related to the existents of several sub species in weed dodder (Cuscutaepithymum L.) and the high discrimination power of molecular markers that be used in this study. RAPD molecular marker may serve as a complementary tool for determine of genetic diversity.

Get the original articles in Source: Volume 4, Number 1, January 2014 – JBES

Published By: Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences (JBES)

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