Organic cultivation of medicinal plants: a review


Yaghoub Raei, Morteza Alami-Milani

Key words: Organic farming, medicinal plants.


Nowadays, organic products are being famous for all people around the world. Due to the great global market demand, production of organic foods has rapidly increased in the past decades. On this basis organic agriculture has become a great choice as means of organic product producing. As a staple product in the world, the high demand on organic medicinal plants has increased in last decades. Problems of the decline in the bio-environmental sustainability due to indiscriminative usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in conventional cropping system can solve under organic farming. Organic farming enhances soil organic carbon, available phosphorus content and microbial population / enzymatic activity of soil and thus making it sustainable for organic crop production. Application of different organic amendments in combinations and in a cumulative manner can supply the nutrient requirement of organic medicinal plants cropping system. The used main weed control strategies in organic cropping system is often the combination of cultural or husbandry techniques with direct mechanical and thermal methods. Pests are generally not a significant problem in organic system, since healthy plants living in good soil with the balanced nutrition are better able to resist against pest and disease attacks. However, commercial production of bio pesticides containing different bacteria, fungi and viruses has been undertaken to control certain insects, pests and diseases in organic crop production systems. Owing to positive influence of organic components in medicinal plants cropping system, it is therefore, be assumed that those farmers who adopted organic management practices, have found a way to improve the quality of their soil, or at least stemmed the deterioration ensuring productive capacity for future generations. From this review, technical aspects of medicinal plants organic farming shows modern concept and environmentally friendly. By these ways, the economic aspects in the agricultural sector are being better.

Read Full Article: Volume 4, Number 4, April 2014 – JBES

Published on: Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences (JBES)


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