Application of biophysical and biochemical methods as priming techniques on Carthamus Tinctorius L.


Faride Faqenabi, Mehdi Tajbakhsh, Iraj Bernousi

Key words: priming techniques, chemical method, physical method, safflower.


For disclosing the effects of seed priming with biophysical and biochemical methods on yield and other characteristics on safflower (Carthamus Tinctorius L.), the seeds of one safflower cultivar was treated with 72 mT strength for 10 min, hydro priming for 72 hours and gibberellic acid with 50ppm concentration for 8hours before germination and cultivation. In this experiment traits such as yield components, seed yield, biological yield, harvest index, petal yield, percentage of oil, percentage of huld seed and correlations were measured. Seed priming was significantly impressed characteristics under study. Plants showed that yield parameters and major traits were increased, in most cases, for magnetic treatment versus control (non-treated seeds) and other pretreatments. Results indicated that biophysical methods (magnetic field) had greatest difference with biochemical methods and control at traits under study.

Read Full Article: Volume 4, Number 6, June 2014 – IJAAR

Published on: International Journal of Agronomy and Agricultural Research (IJAAR)


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