In vivo study on the efficacy of hypoglycemic activity of Spirulina plantesis in long evan rats

Spirulina plantesis

Nurunnahar Fayzunnessa, M Alam Morshed, Azim Uddin, Anzana Parvin, Rahman Saifur
Key words: Spirulina platensis, hypoglycemic activity, gut perfusion.
The ethanol extract of Spirulina platensis was investigated for antihyperglycemic effects in Long Evans rats. Three tests were carried out to assess these activities. The extract caused a dose dependent inhibition of glucose absorption and showed hypoglycemic effects at rats weighing from 110 – 150 gram. The anti-diabetic effects were estimated by measuring the amount of glucose in the samples collected after the experiment. The extract at a dose level of 250mg/kg showed significant result (p<0.05) at 15 minutes and the dose level of 500mg/kg showed significant efficacy (p<0.05) at 10 and 15 minutes and the glucose absorption rates were 38.94±0.21, 34.99±1.91 and 40.86±0.07 respectively. The present study explored the extra pancreatic action of the plant in Long Evans rats. This study suggests that ethanol extract of Spirulina platensis has anti-diabetic effects in a dose dependant manner and these may be effective in the treatment of diabetes.
Read Full Article: Volume 1, Number 1, May 2011 – IJBB
Research Journal: International Journal of Biomolecules and Biomedicine (IJBB)


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