Acute toxicity study and effects of sesame (Sesamum radiatum) aqueous leaf extract on rabbit’s electrocardiogram

Sesamum radiatum

B André Konan, KG Marcel Bouafou, N Mathieu Bléyéré, Viviane Zannou-Tchoko, K Augustin Amonkan, K Raphaël Oussou, Y Jacques Datté

Key words: Sesamum radiatum, acute toxicity, electrocardiogram, hypotension, cardiovascular system, phytochemicals.


Our studies examined the acute toxicity, the natural bioactive compounds contained in the aqueous leaf extract (ESera) and its actions on the electrocardiogram. They were therefore aimed to confirm the use in traditional medicine for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and childbirth complications. After the revelation of the phytochemical compounds in S. radiatum leaves by general reactions, the determination of LD50 of acute toxicity in mice was achieved after treatment with the aqueous leaf extract (ESera). ESera was administrated intraveinously to the animal via the saphenous vein for ECG registration. The phytochemical analysis revealed the presence of quinones, tannins, alkaloids, sterols, terpens, polyphenols, saponosides and reducing compounds. Short treatments (24 hours) of mice with the leaves aqueous extract gave LD50 values of 169.7 ± 15 mg/kg of b.w. and of 184.2 ± 21 mg/kg of b.w., respectively by the method of Miller and Tainter and the method of Dragstedt and Lang. ESera induced negative inotrope and chronotrope actions on the global electric activity of rabbit. In Conclusion: 1. The aqueous leaf extract has a low toxicity which permits its uses by populations. 2. As shown by the electrocardiac investigation and the phytochemical study of the leaves, S. radiatum could have many pharmacological properties justifying its traditional use to treat many diseases including cardiovascular diseases and childbirth complications.

Full Article Available here: Volume 2, Number 1, June 2012 – IJBB

International Journal of Biomolecules and Biomedicine (IJBB)


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