Measures against damage of some perishable products on transit

perishable products

Fadeyibi Adeshina, Zinash Delebo Osunde, Bello Kehinde

Key words: Measures, damage, perishable products, transit.


Postharvest handling of agricultural raw material is a very important aspect of processing and storage engineering that can mar, if not properly handled, or make food product availability in a country. Perishable products are one such raw material that is often damaged on transit. The implications of this damage are the reduction in farmer’s income and sometimes complete rejection of produce by consumers thereby leading to total loss in production cost. Therefore in order to arrest this ugly situation measures are presented in this paper against damage of onion, cabbage, carrot, sweet corn, cassava, grape fruit, pineapple, pear, guava, melon, banana, mango, pepper, plantain and papaya on transit. The information provided in this paper is designed to solve the problems encountered during handling, transport and distribution of perishable products in Nigeria.

Full article Available: Volume 1, Number 2, December 2011 – IJAAR

International Journal of Agronomy and Agricultural Research (IJAAR)


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