Evaluation of cotton based inter cropping for Northern Region of Bangladesh

seed cotton

Shopan, A.K. Azad, H. Rahman, M.S. Mondol, M.K. Hasan

Key words: Inter cropping, seed cotton, profitable, BCR.


Intercropping is the simultaneous cultivation of more than one crop species on the same piece of land and is regarded as the practical application of basic ecological principles such as diversity, competition and facilitation. The experiment on the cost benefit analyses of some cotton based intercropping was taken at Cotton Research Centre, Rangpur which is suitable for northern region of Bangladesh. The experimental design was Randomized Complete Block Design with three replications. Among six treatments, statically significant and profitable result was found in seed cotton yield, also for potato and wheat yield. The treatment T5. (Cotton + Red amaranth + Potato + Maize + Sunhemp), has given more benefits (Cost benefit ration 2.38) than others.

Full Article Available here: Volume 2, Number 12, December 2012 – IJAAR


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