A case study on wood-decaying macrofungi in the Southwestern slopes of Vasilyovska Mountain, Forebalkan, Bulgaria


Maria Lacheva

Keywords: Bulgarian mycota, conservation value, Forebalkan, fungal diversity, macrofungi, Vasilyovska Mountain, wood-decaying.


This study was performed based on specimens of macrofungi collected on field trips to the region between 2007 and 2011. The aim of this study was to determinate the wood-decaying macrofungi of Vasilyovska mountain, to enrich the information about fungal diversity in the Forebalkan floristic region, and make contribution to Bulgarian mycota. The information upon species composition and distribution of wood-decaying macrofungi in the Vasilyovska mountain were published for the first time including the second records of Armillaria ostoyae, Pholiota lucifera and Xeromphalina cauticinalis in the country. A list of 110 species belonging to Pezizomycota and Agaricomycota has been compiled which 75 species were reported for the first time from Forebalkan. Four species includes in the Red List of fungi in Bulgaria: Fomitopsis rosea (Alb. & Schwein. : Fr.) P. Karst., Hericium coralloides (Scop. : Fr.) Pers., H. erinaceus (Bull. : Fr.) Pers., and Lenzites warnieri Durieu & Mont.

Full Article Available Here: Volume 2, Number 3, July 2014 – IJMM


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