Reported some species of plant parasitic nematodes from rhizosphere of peanut (Arachis hypogaea) fields


Seyede Negin Mirghasemi, Mina neginfar, Salar Jamali, Mina Allamoradi, Amaneh Hosseinikhah Choshali

Keywords: Tylenchomorpha, Nematoda, Peanut,Guilan,Iran.


In order to identify of peanut fields plants parasitic nematodes, 130 samples of soil around the roots of peanut plants were collected in province of Guilan, during the summer and fall of 2011. After extraction, killing, fixation and transferring to anhydrous glycerol, the nematodes were mounted on permanent microscopic slides and nematodes species identified by using light microscope, equipped with digital camera, based on morphological and morphometric characters using valid keys. In this study 20 species belonging 17 genera were identified, that are as followes: 1- Aphelenchoides sacchari 2-Aphelenchus avenae 3- Basiria graminophila 4-Coslenchus costatus 5-Ditylenchus myceliophagus 6- Filenchus vulgaris 7-Helicotylenchus digonichus 8-Heterodera cruciferae 9-Meloidogyne incognita 10- Meloidogyne hapla 11-Merlinius bavaricus 12- Mesocriconemarusticum13- Mesocriconema curvatum 14-Paratylenchus nanus 15-Pratylenchus neglectus 16- Psilenchus hilarulus 17-Quinsulcius capitatus 18-Tylenchorhynchus annulatus 19- Tylenchorhynchus mashhoodi 20- Tylenchus davainei. In this study, 20 species belonging 17 genera were identified that before just 6 Species2-5-7-11-15-16were reported from rhizosphere of Peanut in Iran. Other species (14 Species) are going to report from rhizosphere of Peanut in Iran as a first.

Article Source: Volume 2, Number 3, July 2014 – IJMM


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